Preparing for pregnancy - Vacinnations

If you have any concerns or questions about vacinnations speak to your GP or midwife - this information is a general overview and not intended as professional medical advice.

The use of vaccines in pregnancy is best avoided, as it is difficult to know what the effects can be to your unborn baby. However if you must travel to a country where vaccinations are necessary then you need to discuss the subject with your GP (leaving plenty of time before you travel).

The following vaccines are considered unsafe to be given during pregnancy:

  • MMR
  • Polio (oral)
  • Typhoid (oral)
  • Yellow Fever

Vaccines are classed as safe to be given to breastfeeding mums.


Malaria can be fatal to both mum and baby, so it is best not to travel to areas where malaria is problematic, if possible. If anti-malaria drugs must be given then chloroquine and progunil can be given. An additional folic acid supplement must be given if using progunil.

For more information vist the NHS Immunisation Information website >>