Preparing for pregnancy - Contraception

Once you decide you try for a baby you will need to stop using any form of contraception. Depending on what contraception you are using you may start trying as soon as you stop, or wait for a complete cycle before trying.

Contraceptive Injection (Depo-Provera)

The injection lasts for 12 weeks, but some findings state that it can take a lot longer that to conceive after the injection.

Contraceptive Implant

The implant lasts for up to three years, but can be removed if you decide to try for a baby. The effects of the implant should take around three days to wear off, after it is removed.

Combined Pill and Mini Pill

You should complete taking a packet of pills. Once you have stopped taking the pills you should be able to get pregnant straight away.

The Coil (IUD)

It is recommended that you have the coil removed during your period (by your GP or family planning clinic). You should then wait until you have had another period before trying to conceive.

Barrier Methods (Condoms/Cervical Cap)

To try to conceive just cease using these methods of contraception.

Female Sterilisation and Vasectomy

These can be reversed but success rates vary.