Antenatal Exercise

Exercise naturally makes us feel good both mentally and physically. Exercising increases the production of serotonin which makes us feel better emotionally. The more care we take of our bodies means the better they function and this includes during pregnancy and birth. There have been plenty of  studies conducted that show that gentle exercising in pregnancy leads to an easier pregnancy and less complications during labour.

During pregnancy there are several forms of “safe exercises” that you can do such as:

  • Yoga which can be done after the 12th week of pregnancy. For  more information or to find an instructor in your area see
  • Pilates. For more information and to find local classes see
  • Walking its free and you get the added bonus of sunlight and fresh air which are great mood boosters!
  • Swimming and aqua natal classes (aqua natal after 16 weeks). They both feel great during pregnancy as they support your heavy body giving you sense of weightlessness and you don’t get hot and sweaty. Your midwife should be able to give you more details or contact your local gym or leisure centre.

With all the above exercises always go to classes aimed at pregnant women and consult your GP or midwife before undertaking any form of exercise.

You may want to carry on with your normal exercise routine. I would advise in this case see your GP or midwife to discuss whether it is safe to do so. When exercising always listen to your body and slow down when you feel you need to. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.