Pregnancy Symptons

You will most likely suffer from at least one of the pregnancy symptoms that are mentioned. Of course you may well get all of them (sorry). In very rare cases women do not have any symptoms and do not know they are pregnant till the latter stages, or even until they give birth. I on the other hand had no doubt I was pregnant and looked like I’d swallowed a space hopper at about 12 weeks!

Pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Your breasts become ultra sensitive, sore and enlarged. Yes, you could rival Jordan in the cleavage department, so throw away your Wonder bra and revel in your new found curves.
  • A missed period will be the biggest give away if you have a regular cycle.
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting is another common sign. Although it is termed morning sickness, it can occur at anytime of the day.
  • Changes in your body cause you to want to wee more frequently.
  • You may feel very tired during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The feelings of fatigue do tend to wear off after this period (but return again in the last few weeks of pregnancy – great).
  • Many pregnant women develop a heightened sense of smell.
  • You may go off certain foods and drinks.

When you have read the list you will realise Mother Nature is actually a bit of a cow:

  • She gives you bigger boobs that are too tender to touch.
  • She gives you the ability to smell absolutely everything a lot stronger, added to nausea (thanks).
  • You need to wee all the time, but are so tired that these trips to the loo are like a major expedition!

You can read more about how is your baby growing, what is happening to your body and the delights of morning sickness, tiredness, constipation, heartburn and your emotions in our first trimester section.

Don’t lose heart after reading this, its not all bad. You get a few weeks in the middle of your pregnancy where you bloom and feel great. Your hair grows thick and glossy and your skin glows; you stop feeling sick and have renewed energy, before your growing baby squashes all your internal organs! Enjoy!