Your Partners Feelings

Learning that he is going to be a father (especially for first time dads) can be exciting yet daunting. He is probably feeling responsibility at a level he has never experienced before, both financially and emotionally. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to become a father, its new territory to him and he needs to adjust to that. And let’s face it, your hormones have most likely turned you into a Jekyll and Hyde like character, he won’t know where he stands from one minute to the next.

Some of the main concerns of father’s to be are:

  • How you will manage financially.
  • Is the baby healthy?
  • Sex – he’s gone off it because he’s scared of hurting the baby.
  • You’ve gone off sex and he feels rejected.
  • How he will cope seeing you in pain in the delivery room.
  • That something will go wrong during the birth.
  • Will he be a good dad?

The most important thing is that you keep talking together about how you both feel. It is such a special time in your relationship and can bring you closer together. Your partner can also benefit from talking to his male friends who have children, about their experiences. But remind him to take any gory birth stories with a pinch of salt!