Maternity Wear

Nowadays maternity wear is available to suit any occasion. Gone are the days of shapeless tent like dresses, big collars and bows, and the highly attractive pastel dungarees. In their places are fabulous jeans, smart office wear, beautiful evening wear and just about anything that is fashionable at the time.

Celebrity maternity clothes

In celebrity land; pregnancy is in and this is reflected in maternity ranges from designer to the high street. Take Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani, pregnancy didn't stop them from looking sensational. Obviously your own make-up artist works wonders, but dressing well means looking good, and looking good is a confidence booster.

But unfortunately we don't all have a celebrity budget either. So in early pregnancy I bought a few (inexpensive) items in a bigger size. Anything in a stretchy fabric is good. Remember your early pregnancy wardrobe can be saved, for when you are still trying to lose the baby weight after your baby is born. Basic t-shirts and vest tops or long sleeved tees, can be picked up from supermarket “basic/economy” ranges for next to nothing and can be mixed and matched with more expensive items throughout pregnancy.

Now you've got the excuse that you do actually need a whole new wardrobe. So what better way to compensate for the morning sickness and raging hormones than a touch of retail therapy :)

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