Booking a Midwife

To book an appointment with your midwife you need to contact your GP's surgery. If you go to see your GP, they will arrange for the midwifery team to send you an appointment and the hospital will send you a scan date, for the 12 week dating scan.

First Midwife appointment

You will first see your midwife 12 weeks into your pregnancy, unless you have had any problems before that date. She will take some details from you; such as your medical history and that of your family. She will also give you lots of information in leaflet form about subjects such as vitamin K injections, screening in pregnancy, breast feeding, hospital care and screening your baby's hearing. She will talk to you about what you can't eat, taking folic acid, stopping smoking and alcohol guidelines.

Use this appointment to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have regarding pregnancy and birth. You should be given a contact number for the midwifery team, so that you can get in touch with them if you need to. You will then be told to book in for a blood test at 16 weeks.

Maternity Records and Careplan

You will be given your Maternity Records and Careplan, which you take with you to all your maternity appointments. At all the antenatal clinics you attend, you will see women clutching these little white record books containing all their medical notes. In amongst all the leaflets is a form to claim your Bounty Pack, which will contain samples, freebies and money off coupons, for you to take advantage of.