Returning to Work After Pregnancy

Returning to work is a big step for most of us parents. As the time approaches you will need to tell your employer when you plan to return. If you are returning early you need to give them 8 weeks (28 days if your baby is due after 1st April 2007) notice. You are classed as returning early if you don't want to take all of your Ordinary Maternity Leave, or if you are entitled to Additional Maternity Leave and you don't take it.

Tax Credits

If you have a child under 16 years of age or 16-19 in full time education (excluding university) then you may be entitled to Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. To find out whether you are eligible to claim and to download a claim form see Inland Revenue >>

Taking Leave for a Child

You can take up to 13 weeks unpaid leave for a child during their first 5 years - up tp 4 weeks per year. This is more with a disabled child.

Flexible Working Hours

Your employer must seriously consider any request for flexible working hours. Read more here

If you have any problems with your employer go to Citizens Advice >>

Use a Routine

To make life as easy as possible get into a set routine for work days.

  • Do as much as you can the night before, to make mornings easier.
  • Put out your clothes and your child's clothes at night and set the breakfast things ready for morning.
  • Don't leave the house at the last minute or you (and then your child) will feel the stress. Instead leave with time to spare.
  • Pick up your child at the arranged time and if you are running late, make sure you phone to let the child carers know.
  • Don't allow your colleagues to make you feel guilty for leaving on time. You are working the hours that you are being paid for.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze meals so that you don't have to cook when you get home.