Essential First Day Baby Items

Those first few weeks after your baby is born pass in a haze of sleepless nights and hormones. One thing that you can do to help yourself before the birth, is to be as organised as possible, so that you avoid any hurried trips to the shops for forgotten essentials. To help you on your way we have put together a list of what you may need.

Bedtime items

When it's time for your baby to nap, or sleep for the night (you wish...) there are a few things you should have ready.

  • Cot / moses basket / crib / carry cot – You may prefer to put your baby straight into a cot. Many parents put their baby into a moses basket, crib or carry cot first, as this may make them feel more safe and secure.
  • Mattress – Always use a new mattress, never a used or second hand one.
  • Bottom sheets - Babies puke. Buy plenty.
  • Blankets - unless you use gro-bags
  • Room thermometer - Useful to get used to when it's too cold or warm.
  • Baby monitor - It's good to hear when your baby needs you, without camping our next to them 24*7
  • Night light - If (when) you go into your baby you wont want to put the main light on, equally you wont want to stumble around in the dark.
  • Mobile – Not strictly an essential but you may find that it helps settle your baby.
  • Dummy – You may decide you are not going to use a dummy, but I would suggest you buy one anyway, that way you can change your mind!!!

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Baby feeding items

If you plan to exclusively breast feed you may think there is not a lot you need, but even if you are intending to exclusively breast feed, I would recommend that you have a couple of bottles and a small tub of formula, so that you are prepared for all scenarios.

  • Bottles - for measuring and holding the milk/formula
  • Spare teats - for when you drop them at 3am
  • Baby milk - always good to have some, even if you don't intend to use it.
  • Sterilizer - to keep everything clean. This can be tablets or a sterilizer / microwave unit.
  • Breast pump - if you plan to express
  • Bibs - lots of. Babies puke (did I mention that one?)
  • Muslin cloths – For popping over your shoulder to save your clothes from stains and mopping up various spillages (and puke..)
  • Bottle warmer – Or a jug and some boiling water.
  • Infacol – For colic, wind and griping pains, suitable from birth. It can do no harm to give this a try!
  • Bouncy chair - for when you need something else to take the weight whilst you feed.
  • V Shaped pillow - for breast feeding, providing support for you and your baby.
  • Sling - support for breast feeding when you are out and about (and the v-shaped pillow does not fit into your handbag)

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Baby bath time and changing items

When the time comes to give the baby a good wash a few useful items will make the process of cleansing the wriggle new born a whole lot easier.

  • Baby bath/bath support - babies wriggle, trying to use your main bath will be tricky.
  • Top and tail bowl – For cleaning baby, a bowl divided into two sections. One for the top and one for the.... tail :)
  • Cotton wool – Use with plain water for cleaning baby, in the bath or with the top and tail bowl. Soft on your babies skin.
  • Baby bubble bath & shampoo - although you may prefer just plain water for the first few weeks. Give your babies skin time to adjust to the outside environment.
  • Cotton buds – For cleaning around the umbilical cord
  • Baby oil – Keeps baby's skin moisturised and great for baby massage.
  • Bath thermometer - babies don't like cold water... and they certainly don't like it too hot!!
  • Towel - for.. well you know why :)
  • Changing mat - babies poo and wee at random, best for that to be on a mat, rather than your carpet.
  • Nappies - read above for why... real or disposable.
  • Nappy bags or bucket - when you take one off, they smell... wrap them up before disposing, or place in a bucket with fitted lid.
  • Nappy cream - they can get sore, cream helps to sooth.
  • Baby wipes – Again you may want to use plain water and cotton wool for the first few weeks. But wipes are easier for on the move.
  • Changing bag (with changing mat) - to carry the changing items from above for when you are out and about.

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For re-usable nappies

If you decide to go down the route of re-usable nappies here is what you will need.

  • Nappies of choice - many brands now available, including the ever present Terries.
  • Nappy outers (if required) - help to keep the wet in the nappy.
  • Nappy liners - keeps the poo away from the nappy making it easier to clean.
  • Nappy bucket - you need somewhere to put all the nappies pending washing.
  • Nappy sanitizer or white vinegar - for soaking the nappies. Makes cleaning easier and reduces the smell.
  • Nappy pins or “Nappy Nippas” for Terry nappies.

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Baby Clothes

I think it is worth buying this list in newborn and 0-3 months. If you have a particularly big baby then you can return any unopened items.

  • 6 x sleep suits
  • 6 x body suits or vests
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 3 x cardigans
  • 2 hats
  • 3 pairs of scratch mitts
  • 1 x coat or snow suit (depending on the season)
  • Non-biological gentle washing powder or “Ecoballs”

On the move

When you venture out with a child the key is to be prepared. Forgetting one little thing, say the nappies, can turn even a simple outing into a disaster.

And for you............

It's not all about the baby you know... you will need some essentials yourself.

  • Nipple cream
  • Feeding cushions
  • Feeding bras
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity pads
  • Cabbage leaves/gel breast pads

If you follow our advice and get yourself prepared in advance of having your baby your are going to make things a lot easier - a little preparation can save a lot of hassle!