How to Build a Baby Cot

Many people choose to buy a flat packed baby cot and assemble it at home rather than buying one ready-made. This can save them money as these kinds of kits are often cheaper than ready-made cots and may also help them out if they have space issues. It is important to make sure that the cot is constructed correctly here -- like any item of flat packed furniture a cot will only be as good as the way it is put together. And, if you don`t put a cot together correctly then you could cause your baby to have an accident.

The first thing to think about is materials here. Many people like to buy wooden cots as they may prove to be sturdier and more stable but that does not mean that man made materials are not a good option for a cot. Bear in mind that a cot is not designed to last forever and, within a couple of years, your baby will have outgrown the cot in any case.

Construction is Critical

The construction of a cot is critical to its safety and stability. If at all possible have a good look at the cot in a shop to see how it looks. It should be sturdy, well constructed and stable. Look out for danger signs such as rough edges and sharp corners. It`s also wise to pay attention to the finish of the cot -- if it is painted make sure that the manufacturer used lead free paint and, if it is varnished or stained check that the right kind of finish was used.

Before constructing a cot make sure to read the assembly instructions correctly. There is no point starting to put a cot together without knowing how it all fits -- make sure to have the right tools as well as this will make the job quicker and simpler and the actual construction will be better. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and to tighten screws and bolts adequately. If they are loose then there is a very real risk that the cot will not stay together which could cause an accident.

Ensure iit has BSI's Kite Marks

Do try to buy a cot that comes with an accredited safety marking such as the BSI's Kite Mark. Cots that do not come with a safety accreditation or that are put together incorrectly or in a slap dash way can cause serious accidents. Although they are small, babies can be hard on their cots -- think what would happen if the cot collapsed or a side fell off because it wasn`t screwed in correctly.

The key thing to remember here is that safety is the paramount issue at all times when buying and building nursery furniture >>. It is far more sensible to spend time picking the right kind of cot and putting it together properly so you don`t have to worry about what might go wrong