Exercise at a ‘Baby Gym’

Baby exercise classes are a great way to develop strength, body awareness and flexibility maintenance. Perceptual motor games, finger plays, counting, body awareness & language development activities will tremendously stimulate cognitive learning. Stimulated babies are happy babies who sleep well, eat well and make the huge job of care giving perhaps a little easier.  All of these benefits are tremendously important in a baby’s life. A stimulated baby is a smart baby and who doesn’t want that for their baby.

The real icing on the cake though is the strengthening of the relationship that occurs with the main caregiver. Secure attachment happens when the mother or main caregiver is warm, sensitive, responsive and dependable. What is critical about this attachment is that it is crucial to the child’s psychological development.

Participating in baby exercise programmes gives you the perfect opportunity to learn how to relax and enjoy the divine baby energy.  Many opportunities will arise to flip, roll and build trust beyond hunger, cold and tired. Socially and emotionally these babies are stretched and will mostly just love the group experience and what better way for you as a parent to have the chance to meet new mums and dads and just have fun.

Bowlby, the founder of ‘attachment’ theory believed that it is in our first relationship, usually with our mother that our future ability to trust and love is determined. The Concept of “Attachment” was born out of the British Psycho-analysis field and was nurtured and expanded by the developmental Psychology departments of American Universities.

Information provided by Yvonne Shuttleworth, a Gym Director with The Little Gym >>